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It is the goal of Garden State Ghost Hunters to find truth in the extraordinary by exploring the possible existence of the paranormal world through valid scientific evidence.


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We here at GARDEN STATE GHOST HUNTERS, pride ourselves on conducting investigations with compassion and understanding.   We know that sometimes it becomes overbearing to have strange happenings or unexplainable visitors.  The investigations we conduct are done in a discreet and confidential manner, we will never post true names or addresses on our site unless we are given direct permission.  We never charge a fee for our services, ever.  Below are some of the investigations we have conducted. 

The investigations you are about to read was all conducted using state of the art equipment that has been thoroughly field tested.  All of our investigators abide by all the rules set forth by Garden State Ghost Hunters while conducting investigations.  If you or someone you know, whether it be a home or business or even somewhere outdoors, that needs or requires an investigation please contact us.

Private Residence Gettysburg, PA
  Private Residence Warminster, PA
  White Hills Mansion
  Absecon Light House Atlantic City, NJ
  Warehouse in Burlington, New Jersey
  Undisclosed Location New Jersey
  Private Residence in Northern New Jersey
  Bolton Mansion
  Ft. Mifflin, Philadelphia PA
  Burlington County Prison
  Bolton Mansion
  Eastern Pennsylvania
  Eastern Pennsylvania
  Asbury Park, New Jersey
  Asbury Park, New Jersey
  Eastern State Penitentiary
  Asbury Park Convention Center
  Paramount Theatre
  Northern New Jersey
  Van Wickle House
  Undisclosed Location in New Jersey
  Private Residence Northern New Jersey
  Private Residence PA
  Burlington Prison Museum
  The Van Wickle House